CattlActive is a line of products with the goal of boosting and managing a cow’s immune system. It is essential for a cow to have a strong immune system so they can deal with the handling and processing that goes into keeping cattle healthy. Cattle that have a healthy immune system also handle weather changes better, which is crucial in Canada. CattlActive lick tubs are a convenient and nutritious way for cattle to receive the benefits of CattlActive on a daily basis. A variety of formulations have been developed to address a wide number of concerns, from regional soil deficiencies to events such as breeding and weaning. Tubs are available in different sizes to accommodate any size of operation. For more product information check out CattlActive’s website


20% TUB

20% "S" TUB

18% Calving-breeder-tub

12.5% All natural

12% "S" Tub

12% Calving-Breeding

Sheep Tub