Zesterra is an all-natural equine supplement that specializes in reducing stress for equine athletes. Anybody who has hauled their horse’s long distances knows the complications that come with many hours in the trailer, these horses are prone to weight loss and can develop other health complications.  Zesterra is formulated to provide support for horses that have or are showing symptoms of ulcers. It neutralizes excess gastric acid and encourages feed and water consumption, which all play a large role in keeping a horse ulcer free. Zesterra is a staple for horses who are put in stressful situations, like foaling, hauling, training, and extreme weather. Zesterra contains carefully selected natural horse supplements and equine nutrition enhancers. It includes ingredients such as colloidal silver, water, natural apple flavouring, glycerin, soybean oil, onion extract, orange peel bitters, guar gum, corn oil and fatty acids extracted from vegetables.  Want to read more of the product Zesterra and equine products visit their website here.


Supplement Feed For Horses